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Iowa pastor says running for office is a test of faith

"(Faith) pushes us in ways that are not always comfortable, which means sacrificing yourself and caring for people that you wouldn't want to care for normally, like loving your neighbor or loving your enemies," said the Rev. Sarah Trone Garriott.

Religious liberals want to change what it means to be a Christian voter

"Progressive Christians will be the first to admit that, under Trump, they’re still figuring out how to mobilize politically. But that kind of challenge doesn’t seem insurmountable to people predisposed — through natural optimism, or belief in a higher power, or a combination of both — to see the glass as half full."

Featured in Preaching as Resistance
For those who are awake to the reality of this world’s brokenness…


A provocative and powerful collection of sermons from diverse pastors across America. Hear the brave and urgent voice of Christians calling for radical change rooted in love, solidarity, and justice.

La Q Buena
Live with Las Macheteras

Entrevistando a Sarah Trone Garriott quien se está postulando para Senadora estatal.

(An interview with Sarah Trone Garriott who is running for state Senator.)

The Like Micah Podcast
Like Micah: Faith and Politics


Pastor Debbie Griffin speaks with Rev. Sarah Trone Garriott, an ELCA Lutheran Pastor who does interfaith work with the largest food pantry network in Des Moines and had recently announced that she will be running for Iowa State Senate District 22.


Join us as they discuss the intersection of faith and politics as Sarah shares how she was moved to run for office.


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