• Sarah Trone Garriott

A Shift in the Supply Chain

It's not hoarding, it's about a shift in the supply chain.

Institutional suppliers (for restaurants, businesses, schools, event centers, public buildings) are not needed because people are staying home in large numbers, and therefore demand has increased significantly on the consumer side. This is true for many products--including food. Some institutional suppliers are shifting to direct to consumer, in our area Loffredo Fresh Foods and their produce home delivery program is an example. This shift is more possible for some producers than others.

"In theory, some of the mills that make commercial toilet paper could try to redirect some of that supply to the consumer market. People desperate for toilet paper probably wouldn’t turn up their noses at it. But the industry can’t just flip a switch. Shifting to retail channels would require new relationships and contracts between suppliers, distributors, and stores; different formats for packaging and shipping; new trucking routes — all for a bulky product with lean profit margins."



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