Do your part to 'flatten the curve'

Every day while I’m staying put with my family at home to help #flattenthecurve I’m thinking about the many healthcare workers who need go in to work. My mom is an RN at one of the major healthcare centers in Northern MN. My Sister in Law is a physician in her OB residency in Missouri. Thank you to all who are providing care in this stressful time!

Show your support and appreciation for all our healthcare workers by taking important physical distancing steps now!

Please do everything you can to avoid spreading the virus and overwhelming our healthcare system—which means everyone staying home as much as possible, and taking precautions when you have to go out. Remember, people without any symptoms can spread the virus!

The US has one week to enforce social distancing and 'flatten the curve' as the coronavirus outbreak escalates. Here's why these days are so critical (click).



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