Iowans refused COVID-19 tests

Knowledge is power, and right now we don’t really know the full extent of the COVID-19 threat in our state. This is really weakening our ability to respond. We can change this situation by ramping up testing.

At the end of last week I spent two days calling, texting, emailing faith leaders and asking them to consider canceling their in person worship.

Friday I had visited with a local friend online. They had all the symptoms, had been in contact with someone now quarantined in another state, and they were refused testing. I knew if there was one story like this, there had to be more.

This was while we were hearing from state officials that there was no confirmed community spread. It was hard to confirm community spread when we were testing so few. This left many with a false sense of security, and caused them to delay in making important changes to protect public health.

A couple days later, I shared online about those that I personally knew who were denied testing, 3 more friends in this metro area chimed in, “me too.” They aren’t the only ones, click here.



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