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I am running for re-election to Senate District 14 to continue to prioritize the issues that make life better for Iowans:

  • Good schools

  • Clean water

  • Quality accessible healthcare

  • Economic opportunity

  • Civil rights.


Even though I was elected to a four-year term in 2020, I am required to stand for re-election in 2022, because I am paired with Republican Senator Jake Chapman.


I was the only Democrat to flip a Republican-held Senate seat in 2020, and now I’m ready to do it again in 2022.


We won by 164 votes in 2020, because of every dollar you contributed, every voter we called, and every new voter we registered. Every conversation we had mattered - and that’s what it is going to take again to win this election.


Please consider contributing to help my campaign get off to the strong start we need to win today.

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