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Sarah has always felt called to serve.

Over the course of her life, this call has taken many forms. It was what led her to join AmeriCorps right out of college, to help victims of domestic violence. It was what sustained her as a hospital chaplain, caring for people during times of crisis. It was what inspired her to become a Lutheran minister, to provide leadership to communities of faith. And it was what took her out of the parish and into the nonprofit world, to bring diverse people together around a common cause of caring for our neighbors in need of food assistance.


​Today, this same sense of call is what inspires her to serve her Iowa neighbors as a State Senator. 


In the State Senate, Senator Sarah Trone Garriott has focused on helping working families: good schools, clean water, quality accessible healthcare, economic opportunity, and civil rights. She’s sponsored legislation to provide paid family leave, and improve access to quality, affordable childcare. It is her priority that Iowans have a voice in state government and that elected leaders are accountable to the people. As such, she works hard to educate Iowans about state government and their opportunities to take part in the process. She is present in the community and makes every effort to be accessible to her constituents. She serves on the Education Committee, Human Resources Committee, Health & Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee, and is the ranking member on the Natural Resources & Environment Committee.


Sarah is focused on the real-life needs of Iowans.


As a parent of two sons, Sarah knows why it matters so much that our state invest in child care and public education. As a community member, she has personally encountered how the lack of affordable housing, stagnant wages, and regressive policies have discouraged people from staying in our state or moving to Iowa. As a pastor, she’s seen people of all ages in the community struggle to find mental health care. And as a nonprofit leader, she knows that real change is possible when state government works collaboratively with nonprofits, business leaders, and the people of this state.

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