Rob Sand
Iowa State Auditor


Public service needs more elected leaders focusing on problem-solving, not constant politics. Listening, not lecturing. I'm proud to support Sarah, because she'll do just that!"

Amber Gustafson
Former IA State Senate Candidate and gun safety advocate


Sarah has been a friend, supporter, and co-laborer on many causes near and dear to my heart for a number of years and I am proud to endorse her ahead of the June 2020 Democratic Primary.


I know Sarah to be passionately committed to human rights and the dignity of families. Sarah is an expert at working with diverse people leading with a heart of service and bringing people together to solve problems.

Amber Gustafson.JPG
Matthew Russell and Patrick Standley
Matthew Russell & Patrick Standley
Farmers and nationally recognized leaders for an agricultural response to the climate crisis (Coyote Run Farm)


We’re supporting Sarah because as farmers, we want to be part of the solution.


Sarah is one of those people who that can lead us into the optimistic hopeful, abundant, “we can solve this together” future. Farmers really need people like that at the State Legislature. We need people who have the values, who have the hope, who have the vision that Sarah has.

Rev. Sarai Rice
Non-profit leader nationally recognized for her work in the areas of poverty, food insecurity, and nutrition

After years of bad policy, it’s time to have people in leadership who understand and care about the challenges facing our neighbors. That’s why I am supporting Sarah in her campaign for Iowa State Senate.


I’ve known Sarah as a pastor in this community and as a colleague in non-profit work. She has the skills, knowledge, and heart we need in the Iowa Legislature.